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Our Namesake

HMC is named after Dr. Harry Meyering, a professor at Mankato State College (today known as Minnesota State University, Mankato). Dr. Meyering was a pioneer in Special Education and was instrumental in what are now known as DT&H programs (vocational services and supports). Dr. Meyering and his wife were also close friends of our founders, Roland and Jean Meyer, and he offered frequent support to them in their son Jeff's younger years. Unfortunately, Dr. Meyering passed away before HMC opened its doors, but his son and daughter-in-law still check in once in a while to see how things are going.

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It is the mission of the
Harry Meyering Center, Inc.
to facilitate and support meaningful lifestyles
for the people we serve.

Supporting Successful Lifestyles


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Harry Meyering Center, Inc. provides residential services to adults with developmental disabilities.  Harry Meyering Center began serving people with mental retardation, Down's Syndrome and other related conditions in 1973.  Services have expanded to serve people with autism, TBI, physical handicaps, mental illness, Alzheimer's and other special needs.  Our support services provide independent living skills.  Flexible case management services are also available.

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  Harry Meyering Center, Inc.
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